What does my child need to play baseball or softball?

     Every child will need a glove, baseball shoes and baseball pants. Specifically on the glove, be sure to get a glove that is soft such that it folds nice and easy. This may cost you around $30-50 but the success rate of catching balls with a quality glove helps the kiddos confidence drastically. Boys age 9+ require a protective cup. The child will not be allowed to play games without one.

What team is my child on?

     Upon meeting a particular years registration date, coaches are identified and a draft is completed. Shortly after the draft a coach will contact you and supply team specifics.

When does my child practice?

     Practices are coordinated by the coach and are setup after the pre-season draft. Please contact your coach directly for dates, location and times. See coaches under "contacts".

When does my child play games?

     Games for all ages 5-12 are the same night and time every year. Older Children games fluctuate and are based upon many factors. Game schedules for all ages are posted as soon as they become available. Please check the"schedule" for details. 

Can my child switch teams?

     Not usually. We understand the want and need for a child to play on a friends team. The negative outcome of fulfilling such requests is a snowball effect of requests which simply overwhelm our commissioners. Specifically, we tried to fulfill these requests in the recent past and the more we made changes the more people asked for more changes. These requests in the past have simply overwhelmed our commissioners and didn't allow them to to focus on the needs of getting the league up and playing. So, this is a major reason why we have applied the need/want measure to player team changes.  

Parent/Player Want: play with friends; don't like coach; don't like kids on team

Waiver if: Parents work schedule; financial hardship; or major physical restriction

Based upon the age cutoff date, my child won't be able to play with his school classmates. Can there be an exception in our case?

1) All children between the ages of 5 and 12 are required to play within their age group. The only exception is at the Co-Ed and T Ball level which will be based upon a major physical limitation of the child.  ET Board decision.


2) U14 Girls - All girls must be 14 yrs old or younger as of August 1, 200X to qualify. 


3) Boys baseball (ages 15) - All boys must be 15 yrs old or younger as of August 31, 200X to qualify.  

Why can't a pitcher re-enter the game?

     The goals for this league are to apply social, technical and mental development within the game of baseball and softball. We want these kids to be safely exposed to as many positions as possible and this includes pitching. If we can get a couple kids in there and pitch that normally wouldn’t for various reasons, including coaching, and they flourish then as an organization we’ve succeeded. Also, the continuous use of the same pitcher can be very damaging to the pitchers arm, especially at a young age. 

How are coaches selected and teams developed?

     Coaches in good standing from previous years are incumbents for the following season. The head coach is then allowed to select one assistant coach. The rest of the team is generated by a blind draft. The only exceptions are travel hardships due to work or finances of which the board needs to be aware before a move can occur. We are more understanding and flexible at the T-ball and Co-Ed levels but our goal is to create random teams.

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